• Huerto cohousing

    Platform or meeting point for people interested in collaborative housing and a suitable professional team to make it happen.

  • Cohousing

    Platform or meeting point for people interested in collaborative housing and a suitable professional team to make it happen.

  • Platform or meeting point for people interested in collaborative housing and a suitable professional team to make it happen.


A new way of living in your own home.

Cohousing is…

The name of a type of collaborative housing that allows you to maintain the privacy of your own space, a flat, an apartment or a house, while having at your disposal services and spacious common areas.

Who is it for?

It is ideal for people with social and collaborative spirit, wishing to participate in the creation of their own project.

What kind of participation?

A distinctive key factor is and creative community participation in the project, deciding location area, type of building, communal areas and services, and community life you want done.

What groups or communities? What size?

The groups can consist of families, couples, singles o mixtos.
The optimum size of a group, to enjoy the benefits and economies of scale derived from this model, varies 10 a 50 residential units.

Added value?

The advantage of enjoying shared common goods and serviceschosen by the community and be part of a group of people who share the same philosophy.

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In the cohousing system the future residents or becohousers are the main figures of their own project. To be able to carry out the project a strong and united human core is required..
In these projects thecreation of the group is of great importance. For this reason becohousing has put a special emphasis on developing an appropriate methodology for this end.


All those who are attracted or interested in this way of life , should advise us of their needs and preferences so that we can organize homogeneous groups and reach the number needed to make the various projects feasible..

First Steps

• Register to establish a first contact us and inform us of your preferences regarding the type of residential unit, urban or rural and the geographical area that interests you.


• Participation in a workshop o taller presencial where you meet people with your same interests and our team and in the course of which we will continue to go deeper into the different phases of the project. This event will take place when a sufficient number of people have registered.


• An interview where we will get to know your circumstances, motivations, needs and current situation. This interview can be held either before or after the workshop.

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The management model for our projects based on comprehensive sustainability and the cohouser’s active participation throughout the process ..

At present the economic system model is being discussed at length, partly due to the current crisis and partly because a new paradigm is emerging.

People unhappy with their current situation, the loneliness of those living in large cities, the impoverishment of the middle classes, daily question the way we live . A new culture is required promoted by those who want to live, , as from now , in other ways involving the recovery of the values ​​that strengthen personal relationships: confidence, cooperation, appreciation, democracy, solidarity, wich are directly related to the Motivation and human happiness.

New models are emerging and cohousing projects can be one of them in an attempt to overcome the alienation produced by the current housing configuration in which we are surrounded and yet we feel alone.

BeCoHousing is an all-round cohousing model. A model based on a culture whose main aim is the common good and is based on values that strengthen personal relationships based on trust, cooperation, transparency, participation and solidarity. A model that focuses on the overall sustainability of its projects and the quality of life for residents.


INTEGRAL Sustainability = Environmental Sustainability + Social Sustainability + Economic Sustainability

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Zero, and in some cases could mean impact recovery zone.

  • Social Sustainability

    Microcomunidad, participatory and collaborative for those living there and taking into account the neighborhood and city planning.

  • Economic Sustainability

    Fair price and value for the common areas and shared services.



In our model cohouser participation or future resident is active from the start, unlike traditional common model, as expressed in the graphs.




The cohousing is developed for both rural areas to urban areas.

Access is restricted to groups already formed cohousers.
  • Tourism is an essential part of the economy of rural communities. It has the ability to create employment opportunities in these areas.


    Start Date:

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    Start Date:

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We are a team of professionals and collaborators all sharing the same idea.

Our mission is to make available to you our comprehensive model that will offer you ::

  • Professional and personal support throughout the process right the first contact, in the formation and consolidation of the group, in the project and its realization.
  • Legal advice from the start of the project.
  • Technical support in the design and implementation of the project.
  • Economic management of the entire process.
  • Private and group financial advice for each resident.
  • Supporting collaborative grassroots housing.
  • Transformation of existing communities to cohousing.
  • Organization of research and study trips .


  • Ferran Blasco


  • Rafael Capdevila

    Technical Architect & amp; Economic manager

  • Mercedes Cardinal

    Business consultant & Coach

  • Maria Dolores Mayoralgo

    Technical Architect & amp; Advisory estate



Participating in cohousing projects it is a means to promote social transformation towards a more holistic lifestyle.
In order to accomplish your projects you have to form a network of partners who are interested in this management model and share these same criteria..
How you can collaborate?
There are various ways depending on the individual circumstances ; You may have land or buildings suitable for this type of housing, you may be an entrepreneur or related to construction (a builder, a manufacturer, a supplier of material ) or you may practice a profession or be involved in public service directly related to real estate.


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A place where we will post our own opinions and news, articles and links to different media that we consider to be most relevant and will inform you about our activities and workshops, all always related to the world of cohousing.

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Like any new model it produces great uncertainty and suggested many questions.

Is collaborative housing a fad?

Experience seems to indicate otherwise, more than a fashion trend it can be considered a trend, new legislation regarding access to housing in different countries favor these models.
The first cohousing was born in Scandinavia in the years 60. Today there are many and they keep very well .

Can collaborative housing only work in the Nordic countries, wich are culturally predisposed towards sociability, or you can it really succeed in Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Italy?

To live in cohousing it is not necessary to have a Nordic mentality, you just have to be convinced that it is possible to relate to others in a balanced manner. You have to feel and believe that the contribution of everyone can only improve the final result. Respect and acceptance are the essence and the normality of every human being.

Must people living in collaborative housing share a particular ideology or belief? Must they be available at least periodically to participate in community life?

It is simply a way of life that focuses on aspects of sociability and opportunities in the use of shared spaces and services, chosen and organized by the inhabitants. To participate in the life of the community of collaborative housing is a value for each, but it is never a requirement: everyone is free to participate in wichever way and frequency he deems most appropriate.

What spaces or services are shared ?

It must be made very clear that those in collaborative housing have a totally private and complete accommodation.

Examples of the most common shared spaces :

Laundry, Workshop, Warehouse, Wifi, Garden, garden, space for yoga and / or fitness, the library studying theater, Nursery, guest room, the kitchen-dining room, room for parties.

What is the difference between collaborative housing, social housing and ecovillage?

Concept Cohousing integral Social housing Ecoaldea
Type of Partnership Private * Public
Selecting people Free people with affinities Income / Social Policies Interested in the ecological aspect
User Homeowners / Tenants Cooperatives Owner / Commune
Main focus Relativos between people in their daily lives, active participation and positive connections Social ends Protección of the environment, energy saving and eco-sustainability
Sustainability Integral ** Economic Environmental

* In some countries there is scope for public subsidy

** View management model

Is living in collaborative housing cheaper than in a normal apartment?

The main difference is that they have common spaces, more services and are better organized. It depends on each group: there are groups that are configured with the intent to self-organize and manage to get very significant savings, and maintenance costs, Specific services for children and older people, care of the gardens, transport, a shared drive, the cost of food and other consumer products and many other things. Other groups are decided by outsourcing collectively, cleaning, nursing ...

Is it more expensive to build a collaborative project housing than a traditional home?

One of the goals of our model of integrated cohousing is a fair price, avoiding the most of all costs and commissions of brokers who do not add value to the process. Important factors are: project financing, if you are in charge of cohousers or external funding is required; the eligibility for government incentives; obtaining benefits for group buying, which may be in the form of discounts or in obtaining higher quality products.

Generally what is avoided if the payment of the margin or investment cost of a promoter, because the group itself is backed by our team which acts as project developer.

¿Property for community owners, cooperative or rental?

It will depend on each project, access all of these forms have their quirks and it is possible that in a fairly near future most suitable out new laws to the interests of cohousing as temporary ownership or shared ownership.

What do I participate in?

The particular the identity of each cohousing residents create their future through a participatory planning system, to define a common vision, who want to share the values ​​and criteria for deciding together. Participatory planning is specified in the configuration of the common areas , defined services and the organization of community life in the future.

As an open project cohouser also have the opportunity to personalize your private accommodation, choosing among various design options.

Is it better to be friends or to be well meaning in order to create a collaborative housing?

Collaborative housing arising from groups of friends does not have to work better than that unite people in unknown principle. The quality of a residential community depends more on the success in the formation of groups.

May I leave the collaborative house whenever I wish?

You can always go out and usually have waiting lists of people interested in entering. The conditions shall be fixed by each group in its charter.




In the form or forms that best meet the expectations of each.


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    If your aim is to work with us, Here is a form where you will find possible ways of cooperation.
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